Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 34th Anniversary!

Surely each of those 34 years has been easy, right? 

Saturday mom and dad started off the celebration with a trip Brookshire, followed by lunch at a real restaurant, and finished it off with a movie date in Ganado.  That’s quite a bit of activity – all of which is outside of the house! Smile Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Last week dad had another Dr.’s appointment which included a CT-scan, and everything looked good. He’s actually doing so well, that he’s going to get 1 free day each week where he does not have to be on TPN at night.  He used his “free night” on Saturday for his date!  SmileThe blog posts have been MIA, but he’s still recovering well.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


They made it home today.  We are so grateful for what Dr. Saggi and Dr. Hall were able to do for him; and thankfully healing can continue in El Campo.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THE FINAL LAP By: Marilyn Goerig

Help us to be grateful
Each day in our prayer.
Before we speak our petitions,
Let gratitude bring us there.

We say “In God’s Time”;
But we usually want more.
Our plans don’t always match
What God has in store.

Louie is improving
In all aspects of his care.
There is talk of going home;
To Louie an answered prayer.

His improvement is bittersweet;
It is difficult to rejoice
When they will no longer hear
Dr. Saggi’s reassuring voice.

Yes, Dr. Saggi is leaving
No doubt he will make history;
As a valued addition
At Tulane University.

Let us remember who’s really in charge
And let Him provide the map.
God has brought Louie this far;
He will manage his final lap.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So much has happened this week! The fever has subsided , Louie got 2 units of blood that definitely gave him a bit more zip, the wound vac is out and he's eating a bit of pureed(yum yum) food. The CT scan showed the abcess to be getting smaller and no new worrisome details were apparent. We are moving toward the door once again! The saddest bit of news, however, is that Dr. Saggi is leaving to go to Tulane in New Orleans. We are truly upset about this as he was the the perfect "fit" for us. He is a surgeon with tremendous gastrointestinal experience. We felt we had the best with Dr. Duke, who in turn recommended the best for the next phase, Dr. Saggi. We will definitely be looking to Dr. Saggi to recommend our next physician choice. We are doing fine, but long for El Campo more each and every day. In the words of one of our favorites, Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home". (geez, where's a good pair of ruby slippers when you need them?). Thanks once again for all the prayers and support -----Love, Ruthie

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Grateful

The Good --Friday started off really well with Louie putting on real clothes in Occupational Therapy and venturing out of the room.  He looked so handsome!  Also, floor employees came around passing out Bingo cards. Patients were going to be playing Bingo at noon over the intercom.  They asked if we wanted to play--I quickly answered "of course we would!!!" ( Good thing I was there, right?   Louie may not have REALIZED  he wanted to play bingo)  They handed out the daubers at noon and the playing began.  Louie did well the first game needing only 1 number right away.  He didn't win but it really was a nice diversion. What does one win in a hospital bingo game?????  Your hospital stay is free?  Somehow I doubt it, but it was fun nevertheless.
The Bad--Louie had been having fever off and on . Dr. Saggi ordered blood cultures of the lines and a CT scan.  Saturday afternoon we got the news that there was something on the scan and we were moving back to the 9th floor.  We later learned that the scan revealed an abscess in the abdomen by the colon.  After another move, we arrived at 917. Honestly, in our almost 34 years of marriage we have lived in 2 places. That’s it-2!    During this 4 week hospital stay we have been in 6 rooms.  It  helps for keeping the clutter down but truly I think we enjoy a little more stability.
To assist in healing, a drain was placed by Interventional Radiology on Sunday.  We are not going home on Tuesday.  A real disappointment!!!!   Dr Saggi did say that the liver looks great.  Lets hear it for the liver --it seems to have gotten the memo that we want to go home and has not been acting up or causing trouble like some of the other parts of the body.
The Grateful---We have been really down by this recent turn of events.  In reality we know that this visit has not been THAT long and things could be so very much worse, but but we so looked forward to going home Tuesday.  We were on the Rehab floor---the last step before the car door!!  You know, Adios Hermann,  Hello El Campo.  We were out of sorts, praying for healing but not really having a good spirit. Depressed and irritated.  Today, however, I read in one of my books that Jesus says "your praise and thanksgiving are distinctly audible in heaven. Your petitions are also heard but it is your gratitude that clears the way to My heart. Practice praising and thanking Me continually throughout this day."  Hmm…  this is a good idea.  I remember Father Gary speaking once of adopting an "attitude of gratitude", choosing 10 things a day and thanking God for them.  Anyway to make a long story short (oops, it's too late for that) today we only want to speak of the many wonderful things we have to be grateful for.  The success of the surgery,  the possibility of Louie eating normally again,  Dr. Saggi. Dr. Hall, etc.  It will take us all day,  but I can't think of a better way to spend it.  Have a Happy 4th of July!!!
With gratitude to each of you---Ruthie

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Could it be?

It's been mentioned that Mom and Dad may go home next Tuesday (4 weeks after surgery).  How awesome that would be if it proved to be true!  Dad would go home on TPN and continue to do rehab in El Campo.  Hopefully they will not go home on antibiotics or with a wound vac.  The wound vac appears to not be putting out anything!  Could it be that this fistula is actually healing (or already healed)?    Today he was able to start eating a couple of things- flavored ice and jello.  Continue to pray that all goes well; the prayers are working!  Another great day in Room 460.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Moving Forward
First full day on the rehab floor.!!! (Saturday is a light day and Sunday a day of rest.)The schedule includes 3 hours of physical/occupational therapy --about 2 hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. With help I will also get him up to the chair this evening.  So far so good---he is understandably tired but working hard to meet the challenges. They constantly include family members as we will be going home with the patient.  It's all very interesting. We saw Dr. Saggi on the weekend and he continues to say the fistula will heal.  In his words "It's just 4 steps forward and 1 step back".  When we think of it in those terms it helps us remember the very successful outcome of the surgery. We are blessed with wonderful doctors!!! 
Love to all