Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of Surgery

Surgery was very quick today. Dad told them that he didn't want to waste a lot of time in recovery, and that he'd rather recover in his room. They got him back to his room just in time for some visitors. :) Dad seems to be feeling pretty well, and hopefully the fever is now behind him.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Post Op

Dad actually came back from surgery quite quickly yesterday after having another wash out. Unfortunately I'm not nearly as quick to get the updates posted. I like to think that slower/fewer updates mean great progress. A plethora of frantic posts never can mean that good things are happening. Thankfully I think those posts are behind me.

Surgery went well, but nothing new to report there. They did the same thing they've been doing for months now. The only thing out of the ordinary was that the recovery room nurse gave him a CUP of ice to eat. A CUP - not the three or four small cubes that he usually gets! Dr. Duke was there and didn't object (or maybe didn't notice), so dad gladly ate them and said they were wonderful. Not only did they not leave him in recovery for hours this time - naked, cold and very bored (as they did one day last week), they gave him a extra ice. He might not mind this frequent surgery schedule so much if he could always be greeted with such a treat in recovery. We aren't sure whether Dr. Duke noticed this , but we do know that if mom tried to sneak him a few extra cubes Dr. Duke would surely find out and that would not be a pretty sight. My fear would be that he'd revoke the ice privilege all together, so now dad's back to only receiving 3 or 4 small cubelets.

On another note, even though he loved the cup of ice, he called the Mennonite choir performance his favorite part of the day. That just shows you guys how amazing they really were!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Halls Are Alive With the Sound of Music

Today Louie and I once again had the honor of a mini concert by the young Mennonite volunteers here at Memorial Hermann. It was fabulous!! We are so lucky to get this opportunity to have them right in our room so we can enjoy their very special talents. They attracted lots of attention as our door was open and people (residents, nurses, aides, patients, and families) stopped to hear them. Tomorrow is Shane's (one of the group) last day here. He will be going back to Michigan to his home. He has been consistently warm and kind since we have come to this floor and we will miss him when he leaves. These young men are VOLUNTEERS, giving so much and expecting nothing in return. If Shane's intention was to spread joy and hope among the patients and families here, he has accomplished it! If his goal was to share faith and a love of the Lord , he has accomplished it. If he hoped to make lasting friendships , he has accomplished that also. I pray he takes away from his time at Memorial Hermann, a fraction of what he has given. Our blessings go with him.

Love to all, Ruthie



Hoping today is better than yesterday -

Yesterday was a bit rough. Dad had fever and also was given two units of blood. His hemoglobin is now up and he's on a new antibiotic. We'll pray that he feels better today. This will also be another surgery day. I believe he's scheduled to go at 9:45, but we know it is subject to change. Today should be another washout.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


With the grafts doing well, and not many lights left shining on him, dad is able to have visitors again. He's eager to see his friends, but of course we don't want to bombard him with "small armies" coming all at once. Visitors still have to gown and glove, and children are not allowed.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Out of Surgery

Just another wash out today, but dad made it back to his room and says he feels pretty good. His blood pressure is a bit low this evening, but since he is still very responsive and able to answer questions they are just going to watch it a little more closely.