Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad - 55 years today and 55 reasons we love you

55. When Sue was a child you would always answer when she called for a glass of water at bedtime. You probably thought she’d one day out grow this, but she’s 19 now and over the Christmas holidays you were still fetching water for her.
54. When you questioned Tracy about her squeaky brakes, you didn’t like her answer of “they still stop”. Instead you pulled out your pocket flashlight, crawled under the car in the restaurant parking lot and diagnosed the problem.
53. You carefully combed out bubble gum from Bonnie’s eyelashes (with the help of baby oil) when she popped her very big bubble that glued her eyes shut.
52. You held Suzanne through her concussion when Bonnie accidentally hit her in the head with the baseball bat.
51. After this you took the inconsolable Bonnie for an ice cream at Dairy Queen.
50. You told Suzanne that she was still beautiful even though her face was still blue months later.
49. You spray painted our tap and ballet shoes for dance recitals. (even though we gave you little notice of what color they needed to be and when they needed to be done)
48. Then you came and sat through 25 years of dance recitals - and never complained.
47. You came to Houston (many times) to help Bonnie’s old car “Betty” when she had a rough day on 610.
46. You were great when it came to making school projects. Because you were so meticulous, our fossils, solar systems, musical instruments, and diorama’s were always the best.
45. You lovingly took care of our pets. You clipped kitty toe nails, applied ointment and removed rodent/bird gifts that our cats brought to the front porch.
44. You buried all of our pets that didn’t make it. You’d spend hours watering the lawn so you could break through the rock hard ground in the summer time and give them a respectable resting place.
43. You moved each of us to college and found out just how many shoes a girl could really have. Bonnie won the prize on this one, and she moved to the 3rd floor.
42. You cut the comb out of Tracy’s hair when she thought it was a good idea to twirl it up to her scalp. She panicked at the thought of shaving her head, so you cut out the comb in very small pieces.
41. You rescue Tate from all of the chatting women and take him for walks outside. He loves when you let him play in the dirt. He’s been your little buddy since the day he was born. FINALLY A BABY BOY IN THE FAMILY!
40. You told me (Tracy) just how much you and mom had prayed for Tate to be born healthy.
39. You jumped a fence and kicked a stray dog to protect Bonnie. The dog limped away, and you limped for 2 weeks.
38. You made candy apples when our class was required to bring them to the carnival. It was a mess, and you concluded that we would never make those things again.
37. When we were little kids you would tuck us in, and grant our request for “a kiss on the wips”.
36. You should be applauded for being such a great dad of girls. You even let us fix your hair - and we know that that is why it thinned so much around age 35.
35. You allowed Tracy to have the slumber party that she wanted so much. You lived to tell about it, and told Bonnie and Sue they would never be allowed to have such a party. One night of 10 screaming girls was enough.
34. A Dr. Pepper and Milky Way made the perfect snack. If we went to the store with you we would get to get some too. (as long as we ate it before we got home so the other sisters wouldn’t know)
33. You put together bicycles, Barbie mansions, and the trampoline, while we impatiently asked when they would be finished.
32.You were a field trip dad. You accompanied our classes to Palacios, Austin, Washington DC, and even to see The Little Mermaid.
31. You never complained about living with four women. Even when the house only had 1 bathroom and the odds of getting to use it weren’t great.
30. Cayla loves when you give her piggy back rides, and always looks forward to playing with your pocket flashlight.
29. You found another use for baby oil when Suzanne tried to put Silly Putty in her ears and most if it ended up in her hair.
28. You calmly came to our rescue when we called saying “I backed into someone again” or “My car is making this click, click, boom” noise.
27. You tried to stay involved in our lives by getting a word in here and there while we made plans for prom dresses and cheerleading tryouts. We all talk so much (and so loud) it’s questionable whether we heard you. You tried to help out when we planned Tracy’s wedding. With all of us talking over each other, you ended up just making sure we told you where to be and when to be there.
26. We have always admired your hard work ethic. Your farmers are your friends and you would do anything to help them. Since the accident you’ve had so many visitors and their stories warm our hearts.
25. You carefully tip-toed in after cheerleading or Derby Doll tryouts looking for a sign of whether we were happy or sad.
24. Bonnie and Tracy love having combo birthday parties with you. This year, birthday week seems almost non-existent since we aren’t trying to decide where to eat, when to eat there, and who all is going to be joining us.
23. You’ve taught Tate how to “play tractors” in the dirt. Of course all of his toy tractors are John Deere.
22. You punished Bonnie with a “few weeks of silence” and took the face off the CD player in her car. This meant no CD’s and no radio.
21. You taught all of us how to dance, and we’d practice our skills at weddings. When we were very little you’d hold us, and as we got older you made a point to always ask each of us to dance. Everyone said that we got our rhythm from you.
20. You’re always up for eating our leftovers at restaurants. Nothing goes to waste!
19. We love hanging out on the dock in New Braunfels with you and everyone else. You carefully helped load the raft, and came to our rescue with life jackets when we were stopped by the river police.
18. You treated Chris as a son of your own, and took him to meet your friends and have “guy time”.
17. You and Chris usually have good ideas, but generally we women don’t hush long enough to hear y’all. In the end y’alls suggestion is usually the best option, but y’all don’t rub it in our faces that it was mentioned long ago.
16. You can fall asleep anywhere anytime. (even waiting your turn to open a Christmas present)
15. You went to more craft shows than any man should ever have to endure in his lifetime.
14. You would always go fix grandpa’s tractors and help out in the barn. The rest of the family appreciated your help with their cars and tractors as well. Everyone knew you were the best mechanic.
13. At mom’s request you’ve painted and repainted every room of her house. Patiently you’ve hung and re-hung decorations and rearranged furniture until she finds it to be just right. We all know how indecisive she can be.
12. You taught each of us to drive… enough said. If patience is a virtue your place in heaven is reserved.
11. You’ve been to countless Cheerleading and Derby Doll competitions. We all know that ones at George R. Brown were your favorites because they sometimes had car or gun shows going on in the same building.
10. You coached our little league teams for years. Little did you know that coaching girls meant some players picked flowers in the outfield and occasionally they came to practice wearing ballet shoes.
9. For your 31st wedding anniversary you worked long and hard with mom to prepare for the hurricane. This meant moving all of her “favorite” things first (at her request), knowing you’d still have to prepare the structure itself and trim the limbs later.
8. You probably aren’t too fond of landscaping but you’ve moved numerous bags of mulch and garden stones. (not to mention all of the times you’ve moved and covered the plants - just to be on the safe side because it “might” freeze)
7. Quote - “Whenever the car is clean and running great mom claims it as her car. In other circumstances it is our car.” - Louie
6. You quickly jumped into action when the dog had 9 puppies under the playhouse or the cat had a litter of kittens in the kitchen.
5. You taught us to use your blow dart gun. We’d have competitions shooting it at a piece of card board.
4. You are the lone “adult” to participate in our New Braunfels Home Run Derby, and you are better than the any of us.
3. You let us sit on your lap while you mowed the grass. Occasionally you’d let us steer and you wouldn’t stress if we ran over a pine cone. (or the water hose)
2. You taught each of us to check our oil, even though the hardest part seemed to be finding the latch to open the hood.
1. You’ve given all of us an excellent life. Since day one you’ve been our number one fan, and have supported all of our endeavors (even those that seemed a bit crazy). A list of 55 fabulous things sounds nearly impossible, but it came together quite easily and we know there are hundreds that haven’t been mentioned. We send you all of our love on your 55th birthday!

Love, Ruthie, Tracy, Bonnie and Suzanne

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another day, another surgery

Uncle Louie is out of surgery. Overall it went well. Will post more details later.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rocky Day

Last night was pretty rocky for Uncle Louie. His heart had several "slow down" episodes. Generally today has been better; he only had one event.

Aunt Ruthie was able to speak with the cardiologist. They contemplated several different options on what to do with his heart. They don't want to put a permanent pacemaker in because they are hopeful that this is a temporary situation. They don't want to insert the temporary pacemaker because the risk of infection is high. So for now they have an external pacemaker on him. It's not the best but it's better than nothing and we pray that his heart will continue to strengthen and he will not need it!

We have to always remember that Uncle Louie is still very sick but considering where he was a month ago, he is still doing great! Louie is scheduled for surgery again tomorrow and hopefully will get to be out of surgery on Saturday (his birthday!!). Please keep all of the Buzeks in your prayers---it's been a tough week!!

As always we are so grateful for each of you that reads this blog and keeps Louie on your prayer list. We have known from the beginning that it would be a long road and we are so comforted by each of you!


We are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Pray

Uncle Louie is still having some heart issues. Aunt Ruthie was with him when his heart rate dropped, luckily it restarted on it's own. Please pray for Louie, Ruthie and the girls. It will do all of their hearts good!!

God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. Job 37:5

Sheep Hunting: It's like Heroin...only worse

Uncle Louie was scheduled for surgery today, Dr. Duke was also on call. We've experienced this combination before; most of the time it causes Uncle Louie to get bumped from the surgery schedule due to emergencies that Dr. Duke has to deal with first. It appeared like that would be the case today as well. His nurse, who was not too fond of the micro surgeons, demanded that Uncle Louie return to the OR. She said that she doesn't really mind the micro surgeons but these are too big and he had to go to surgery or else there would be flies all over the room (I'm not sure but I think she might have been exaggerating!)

Thus Dr. Duke extended his very long day and took Uncle Louie to surgery this evening when his call was finished. He stopped by and chatted with us before the surgery. He said that the micro surgeons are doing their work. He wished they were a little faster but "you can only expect a horse to act like a horse." Aunt Ruthie assured him that her social schedule was clear so the little guys could take as long as was needed. He said that Uncle Louie was "one tough fella" and that he expects to continue the surgeries until the micro surgeons stop eating.

Once the business side of the conversation was over we were able to chat about Dr. Duke's addiction. He loves Sheep hunting. He admitted that he was addicted to it. He thinks that it's worse than a heroin addiction because you can at least quit the heroin! He credits sheep hunting with his biotic arm and several other injuries.

After tonight's surgery Uncle Louie will get to rest tomorrow. The micro surgeons will do their work while Dr. Duke attends a life long friends induction into a hall of fame. He'll be back in time to take him to surgery on Friday. He doesn't know when yet, but luckily he lives in the hospital so fitting him in shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for your prayers and please continue to pray for the micro surgeons and a strong heart!! On our next slow surgery day, I will tell you Dr. Duke's miracle cure for dry skin.


Prayers for the Heart

Dad's hanging in there. He should go back to surgery today, and he might get a 4th team of microsurgeons. He has had a few issues with his heart in the past few days, so we continue to pray for a strong heart. The pacemaker was removed last week, but Monday when moved on and off of the operating table his heart rate dropped. Yesterday when taken for a cat scan his heart rate dropped again. At this point they don't plan to re-insert the pacemaker, but rather they will just continue to monitor him.

Yesterday was not a particularly busy day for dad. Dr. Duke didn't do surgery because the micro-surgeons were all hard at work.

*On an unrelated note - Dad would be so proud. Suzanne managed to get her oil changed and order 4 new (much needed) tires for her car without dad's guidance. However, if that car starts making some "unfamiliar noise" or a dashboard warning light comes on, we're in trouble.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dinner Dance

The generosity continues:

A benefit Dinner Dance has been planned for March 28, 2009. It will be from 5 p.m. until 12:00 at the KC Hall in El Campo, Texas. Let it Ride will be providing the music. $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children under 12.

There will be a live auction and the raffle drawing will be held during the evening.

For tickets or information call 979-541-7177, 979-543-1059 or 979-541-9264

Monday, February 23, 2009


It sounds like today's surgery was pretty routine. (Funny to call a procedure where maggots are put in a living body routine) There were no major issues reported. Dr. Duke is watching a spot of dad's bowel that might be weak, as well as some tissue around the maggot's wound. This tissue is more red than Dr. Duke would like it to be, so it might need to be removed. For now, at least, they are just going to let the micro-surgeons continue their work.


Out of Surgery.

No report yet from the doctor.

In Surgery

Should get his new micro-surgeons today - please pray!

College Station Blood Drive

60 units were donated on 02/12 during the Bryan/College Station Blood Drive. We thank everyone so much!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Marathon of Prayer

"Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

Can you all believe today was day 26 for Uncle Louie. At the beginning of this journey, I ask if any of you would run a "prayer marathon" with me. So many of you have been participating and I am so thankful! I know that your prayers have been such a blessing to the Buzeks.

As our marathon is coming to a close, I hope that the old adage that once you do something for two weeks it becomes a habit is true because Uncle Louie is going to still need your prayers for the next week, month, year!

The last 26 days have been overwhelming. I have been overwhelmed by all of your generosity and faithfulness. In my heart I know that Uncle Louie has made it this far because of each and everyone of you!! Each day has presented itself with a new challenge and each day you all have risen to the occasion to pray for Louie, Ruthie, the Girls and Greg.

Each of you is an answered prayer! Thank you!


"Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and week knees. Make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed." Hebrews 12:12-13

Out of surgery

No report yet.


Good Bye Chewy and your little friends too!!

Uncle Louie's nurse today had nicknamed some of the "micro surgeons" Chewy. She wasn't so excited about having to capture the escapees. So I think she was happy to send him off to surgery where Dr. Duke could wash out all of the little guys.

Today's plan was a general wash out. The micro surgeons don't ship on Sundays, so he won't get a new crew of helpers until tomorrow! If you could please say a prayer for Uncle Louie, Dr. Duke and his team. They are in surgery now!! As always thanks!!