Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recognize This Face?

It's been a while since we've had an unobstructed view. Doesn't he look great?

Goodbye to the NG tube (and the band aid that covered his nose). Dad hated the NG tube - it was uncomfortable, cut up his nose, and always got in the way. Dr. Duke said he was hesitant to take it out because after so many months it would be very painful if he had to put it back in. Well Dad said it was very painful to take it out, so we're definitely praying that it doesn't need to have it re-done. We wanted to post "pray that they take it out soon, and that he does well without it", but then Dr. Duke surprised us and pulled yesterday. So, instead of praying for it's removal, pray that he will not become nauseous and that will feel okay without it suctioning his stomach. (months ago it removed briefly but had to be re-inserted when he became very nauseous). It was pulled out yesterday evening and so far so good!!!

Dad showing that both nostrils are free... and I guess he can fill them with kleenex if he so pleases. However, be careful what you joke about - I'd hate for the hayfever to find you! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Visit From His Boy

Anyone who knows dad well knows just how much he loves this little boy. He raised the three of us girls and then still had to wait another couple of decades to get his chance with a boy. Not a son, but a grandson (that's possibly even better). Me coming to visit seems to be 100 times better if I bring Tate with me. We come in with a bang and Dad lights up at the sound of "PAWPAW!"

Tate has a current infatuation with shoes, and it took him less than 20 seconds to notice that Pawpaw wasn't wearing any. (He was with me when we bought Pawpaw's shoes, so he knows that he has some) Sitting in the chair didn't require running shoes, but when Jocelyn showed up Tate was eagar to help Pawpaw get his shoes on (with some help from Mimi).

Tate telling me to "come on". He's right, no time for pictures, dad was walking pretty fast!

A few pictures from the Waiting Room. I'm not sure which one of them was having more fun.