Friday, September 4, 2009

Still Moving in the Right Direction

Dad has had a good week. Therapy is still tough, but he does it with such determination and is getting stronger. The new plan is to do therapy twice a day. The therapists cannot come more than once a day, but mom with some help from the nurse is able to get dad into a chair for some of their own therapy. I think he's getting as much therapy as he can stand (at times it seems brutal), but there has just been so much progress so it's evidently working. He's able to walk further and sit longer and he's so driven to get stronger - what more could one ask for?

Soon when Dr. Duke feels he's ready to ride in a wheel chair further and sit even longer, they are going to let him make a trip across the hospital to Audiology. His hearing has been "going" for quite some time (maybe since around the time of my 2nd grade slumber party). Since the accident his hearing can pretty much be classified as "gone". Anyone who's come to visit (and heard the volume on his TV) knows exactly what I'm talking about. What a blessing to have hearing aids on the agenda and not crash carts and full ventilators. He'll be shocked to know what all he's been missing!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet Heide

Introducing to you a very special member of Louie's medical team. We have had many respiratory therapists over the months, but Heide is above and beyond any we have encountered. We do not have her everyday, unfortunately, but when we do, she is thorough, searching for ways to head off problems before they occur. After a complete assessment, she makes plans for his treatment during her shift. Heide is not afraid to make recommendatiions to Dr. Duke, if she feels they are necessary. Dr. Duke, in turn, has spoken of his respect for her and her exceptional job performance. (very high praise, indeed)

Most of all, Heide does all of these things with a HUGE smile and a friendly "Hi, Boyfriend" greeting. She has mentioned many times that she loves her job. That is quite obvious, but in addition she also loves people. What a great combination!


Dad drinking his Dr. Pepper from Ritz's. Brought to him by special request - Ritz Dr. Pepper is his absolute favorite!