Friday, July 24, 2009


He's out of surgery and back from recovery. It sounds like all went well, but the true test will be on Monday when Dr. Duke takes him back to surgery and looks at it. God, please let it stick! They were able to graft both the middle and left side by just taking skin from one leg (instead of both), so that should make for a little easier recovery. Dad's back under lights to try and dry his leg, so please no visitors (except family) this weekend. Hopefully dad will get some good rest and today's work can begin to heal.

#88 - It's started

Mom signed the paperwork yesterday for the grafting, Dr. Duke came and talked to her about it, and this morning dad was taken to surgery -on time! The skin on his legs will be taken again and hopefully the middle and left side will be grafted.

I'll update again later when he's out, but right now we really really need prayers for successful grafts.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Post from Ruthie:

Surgery went well yesterday, and everything is in order. In the afternoon Louie had physical therapy, and Jocelyn, our current therapist, changed it up a bit. She had him walk toward the door with a chair stop along the way. This was his first time to ever peek out into the hallway on his own feet. He did great --but it is hard! He appeared very steady and Jocelyn agreed that its not so much a matter of strength, but rather endurance. Every step is a victory though and I am proud of him beyond imagination. Somehow I think if the tables were turned, I might be much more whiny in this situation-- or either cry -- I'm a big crier. I am also amazed at the way he says "okay" to the therapists when they come in on surgery days. He is sore and still sleepy from anesthesia but he willingly does it. I would probably politely say "No, thank you." or just pretend to be sleeping where they couldn't wake me---- SO SAD..... That being said I have found my role helping with the process by initiating the exercises, helping get everything ready and rolling along the IV and oxygen tank. I am also vocally his biggest fan and cheerleader. Minor (in the big picture) but it works.

Next is what I believe to be true--THE BIG NEWS. Tomorrow Dr. Duke will start grafting again. Apparently, the wound is granulated to the point where the time is right and there is skin on the legs ready for further use. Of course plans are ALWAYS subject to change, but at this point it appears to be scheduled for tomorrow. Please pray that the graft will "take" successfully and everything will go well. I have every confidence in Dr. Duke' s ability--he has put much thought into Louie's case . Patience and precision describe him well. He too, however believes that he is the hands, but GOD is the healer. I can't think of a better team than that, so send up your heartfelt prayers. We will keep you posted--

Love to all, Ruthie

Monday, July 20, 2009


To and from surgery today with nothing new to report.

Yesterday Pawpaw was able to make a special phone call to his littlest buddy, Tate, and wish him a Happy 2nd Birthday.