Friday, April 24, 2009

Post Op Report

Dr. Duke decided to either cancel or postpone his various trips today and take dad to surgery - rather than pass him to another surgeon.

Surgery went well, even though it took a little longer than expected. It was basically a wash out wound exchange, and drain adjustment. Dad's back in his room and moving his arms and legs, but still pretty groggy. Last night dad had an issue where his blood sugar plummeted. The nurses gave him *something* (not sure what to call it other than sugar water), and he is doing fine now. They are just going to continue to keep an eye on it (checking it hourly).

That's all I have to report!

In Surgery

In surgery bright and early this morning. He's still in STICU today, maybe they will move him back to IMU over the weekend, maybe not. Only time will tell. We pray for no vent complications (or other "surprises") after surgery today.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Bump in Recovery Road

After not being able to come off the vent post surgery, dad's been moved back to STICU where they are trying to wean him. Mom and dad were greeted by some of their favorite ICU nurses, and we know he's well taken care of there. Rounds will be late today, so we should know a little more after lunch. For the time being he resides in STICU BED 17.


Dad went in and out of surgery yesterday evening and all went well with the wash out. Dr. Duke has plans to be gone on Friday - something about going to Salaedo and then Las Vegas (I'm not sure what he has going on, but no doubt he's a busy man) Another doctor might do Friday's wash out - maybe... Dr. Duke hasn't complete decided if he'll hand him over yet - even for a wash out. We'll see come Friday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Everyone--

This might be posted a little later than we would have liked, but it is definitely not because it’s been overlooked or forgotten. Knowing how and who all to thank has been on our minds since the Benefit Dinner/Dance was first mentioned (actually before, when the word of a raffle was first circulating). How ever do we thank all of those who have done so much?

Chris and Donna and Family – Your friendship is priceless. You worked so long and so hard and it all came together beautifully. We love you guys so much!

Mike Ryan – I can’t believe I just met you for the first time the day of the benefit, and you had already been so generous to our family. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough for someone who has done so much.

St. Philip KC’s - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You – for the facilities, preparing the food and for being such great friends.

Shoppa’s Farm Supply– You’ve been family members for over 20 years (some even since 1975), and you guys (and girls) really out-did yourselves. You all helped out in so many areas and made a fabulous cart of “goodies” that everyone had their eye on. Special thanks to David Rose for serving as the auctioneer.

Let It Ride - thank you so much for the awesome music! You guys did an amazing job.

To our extended family: We cannot go without mentioning all that you’ve done and continue to do. You make sure that we need for nothing. We love you!

To everyone who donated, helped serve, helped cook, helped clean, and in any way supported dad we thank you!

Events like this could easily take a year to plan, yet because of all of you this was unbelievably successful with less than two months preparation. We have leaned on all of you for support and guys have lifted us up continuously. We are so grateful to have such a supportive community alongside us in the journey. In the previous 83 days not a single day has passed without a visitor to the hospital. This blog is read many, many more times each day that I ever thought possible. We’ve had over 84,000 visits since it began. For the benefit, your prayers, and your friendship – THANK YOU!

Yesterday's Musings

Dad's getting used to his new room. Mom is adjusting as well, because her help is much more needed now. Dad no longer has his own nurse, and finding the nurse assigned to dad can be quite difficult at times. (she has more patients to tend to)

Dad had an interesting evening in his IMU room. Between pain medication, coming out of anesthesia, and probably a bit of difficulty telling the difference between dreams and real life, he had lots to say. The cover on dad's trach has helped him talk quite a bit. He's still somewhat hard to understand, but mom has gotten pretty good at interpreting. Sometimes mom corrected him and reminded him he was in the hospital, other times she just went along with his story.

When we find this "wife" we need to figure out where she's been for the past 3 months.

Too funny to not share! By the end of this he was tired (as was mom). That's a lot of adventure for one evening. In summary it's clear he wants out, idealy going home, but even being pulled on some cardboard will do.

Monday, April 20, 2009

From Surgery 46 to Room 31

Surgery went well - another wash out, and this evening dad was moved to another new room. Sad that our Hermann Park view was short lived, but thrilled that this move is out of the STICU! Dad now resides in the Intermediate Unit. This is still part of the 3rd floor ICU wing, but it is an upgraded status. IMU rooms aren't as large, many don't have TV's or even walls (much less windows). Some IMU rooms just have curtains as partitions. Just saying this makes me think that we sound a bit spoiled, but remember even the most prized room dad has had still consisted of white concrete walls. Mom's living arrangements will not be improved at all with this "promotion". She will still reside in the same corner of the waiting room that she's inhabited for the past 3 months.
Today they found dad a fabulous IMU room. It has three real walls (concrete of course), only one curtain, a flat screen TV, and a window! I didn't even know that a room like this existed in IMU. Dad will continue his Monday/Wednesday/Friday surgery schedule and because he's able to remain on trach collar through out surgery he will come back to this IMU room.
We thank God for this progress and continue to pray for many many more improvements until one day we'll get to move him back home!