Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We had a bit of a scare Tuesday, when the renal doctors came to visit. Louie's creatine (a number having to do with kidney function) had risen some, and Dr. Duke called them in to consult. (only this was new news to us) They asked questions, listened, pressed and prodded. Later, blood and urine were taken, and in the end Louie was taken for a renal ultrasound. The orders said " FOR ACUTE RENAL FAILURE".

What????? Oh sorry , no----You must be looking for John Doe in Room XYZ. We've already been down that road....

Actually , Louie was more irritated that they came to get him for this test during a San Antonio game of the Little League World Series. Geez, is that bad timing or what? The nurse suggested we ask Dr. Duke for DVR to accommodate these inconvenient exits from the room. (You would think that would be included in a 4 Star Hotel like this.)

At 2:00 this afternoon the renal doctors made another appearance to let us know that the good news - you will not be needing us! Things are returning to normal with the discontinuation of an antibiotic which seemed to be causing the problem. The ultrasound was normal and all is improving. The renal doctors are very nice, but I am so glad that we will not need their expertise!

Another Day, Another Blessing.....

Love to all,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Notes from Ruthie

More physical therapy today. Louie continues to improve slowly, walking with the walker,sitting, and strengthening his arms by rolling the wheelchair. If you have ever had a little stiffness getting up in the morning or felt a bit weak or dizzy when rising, multiply those feelings times 7 months. I'm filled with admiration for anyone who undergoes this process. It is grueling. Instant gratification has no part in this! However, the rewards---the joy of playing with the grandchildren, the opportunity to dance again, and the chance to walk two more daughters down the aisle, are true incentives. Sometimes it's hard to "keep your eyes on the prize" but he perseveres. Pray for strength, patience ,and increased endurance. He will continue to make us all proud.

Love to all,

By: Marilyn Goerig


Ruthie waited in the room,
As Louie went for a test.
Then Louie summoned her to come;
Something wasn’t right he guessed.

Louie was right to be concerned;
The drainage could damage the graft.
Ruthie quickly expressed her concern
And found herself directing the staff.

When Dr. Duke was informed,
He asked, “Is she freaking out?”
PA Denice replied, “What do you think?”
As if there was any doubt.

Denice quickly gathered supplies;
She would iron this matter out.
When Dr. Duke admitted hesitantly,
“I don’t do freaking out.”


“This is the day the Lord has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad.”
Louie is beginning to recover
The strength that he once had.

As Dr. Duke stood in the hall,
Discussing his weakened state;
Louie came walking toward him
With God’s strength in his gait.

Although Dr. Duke was speechless,
When Louie came around the door;
AWESOME might have been the word
He was looking for.