Friday, February 19, 2010

Appointment with an ENT

Add another Dr. to the list - an ENT.  The area where his trach once was has not closed.  This makes it it difficult for him to speak - hence why he puts a hankie (or folded pillowcase) over the opening when he talks.  This particular ENT was recomended by Denise, and today they headed to Houston for their first appointment.  The ENT saw some granulation in the area, so before they work on closing this area dad will have a short surgery.  This procedure will be on March 2nd, and then at a later date he'll possibly have a second procedure to close the hole if the steri-strip method does not work.

While they were in the Med-Center, a trip to Jones 6 was in order (the Pavillion and Floor where they resided for so long).  It was great to be back... JUST FOR A VISIT!  Of course everyone thought that dad looked amazing!  I have to agree... he does.  :)

Not a whole lot going on this week, but on the 28th Dad turns 56.  Since he slept through his 55th birthday, we'll have to really celebrate number 56!