Friday, January 28, 2011


2 years, my gosh was it really 2 years ago that so much changed?  2 years ago, we all went off to work as usual, and that evening things quickly spiraled beyond our control.  Whoever would have thought that that cold night in January would be able to be replayed so vividly 2 years later. 

The message below was written by Mom and Dad's friend Donna, and it truly touch both their hearts.  Sometimes living in the here and now and taking each day as it comes can be difficult; but for that we pray!

Hi all, well it has been nice to not have any crisis involving Louie lately isn't it? He has been doing well but is not done yet. It will be 2 years on Friday since the accident. He is mobile and drives himself to exercise and various places. He has had several episodes of pancreatitis but has dealt with them admirably here locally without a trip to Houston. But Monday he will be going in for a check up with Dr. Red.
I guess the purpose of this email is to ask that we all continue to pray for Louie. While he is maintaining his lifestyle and health, he is not done. He still deals with the fistulas, leaking and bandaging and not eating. He still hasn't regained his stamina and endurance which has hopes will return with the final surgery. He wants to be done with the drainage and get on with his life. Even if things do not go as planned with surgery, if he could just get closed up to be able to function without that bandage. Ruthie and I often talk about how much the prayers did for him in the beginning. How prayer truly saved his life.
We both believe the power of prayer is what guided each of the steps between Jan. 28 2009 and today.
I guess what I am saying is that I am as guilty as the rest of not perhaps praying with the intensity I should for Louie, though pray I do. He truly needs our prayers to complete this journey - to pass the finish line and resume his life as normally as possible. So please pray, pray for a good appointment, for some closure possibly and for the strenghth and patience to do it all in God's time. thank you for always being there.