Friday, May 8, 2009

Out of Surgery

All went well. He had a little nausea, but that seems to have subsided.


In Surgery - went in about 8 am.
Yesterday evening dad got to make his move to his new room. I haven't seen it yet, but mom described it as fabulous. By design it's a double occupancy room, but he has it all to himself. There are two windows, guest chairs, and enough room for all of mom and dad's things. We are very pleased and thankful to the many people who worked so hard to find it for him. If any of you go to visit, you can find him in Rm. 645!
A couple of extra perks - it's closer to the ice machine and if mom looks out the window she can see some spring flowers. (she might have to strain her eyes, but this is still a treat)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick Update

He might not have looked as jolly as this guy (and not doubt it wasn't this easy), but it was a heck of an accomplishment.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dr. Duke Says...

He's referring to moving forward and grafting. He's briefly mentioned it before, but now it's clearly weighing on his mind. Who knows when he'll start this process, maybe sometime in the near future (or maybe not) you never really know with him - Of course there is still no timeline.

Dad feels much better today after receiving 3 units of blood yesterday. Surgery went well - nothing new there. Dad went to radiology to get his central line put back in and they will start TPN back up. I know TPN can't make you feel "full", but since it's been gone dad's been reiterating how hungry he is. Dr. Duke wants TPN to be up and working and dad to be pretty strong before he starts the grafting process.

On another note, today is National Nurses Day!
To our nurses, if you're reading this, we thank you all so much! We know dad has had the absolute best care! We love and appreciate all of you... the ones who helped restart his heart, those of you who battled the dialysis machine for him, to the ones who combed his hair and told him how handsome he looked. If you did anything for him (and so many of you who have done everything for him) in the past months we thank you!

He's Out

Out of surgery, but no word from Dr. Duke yet...


Went to surgery about an hour ago. Will update more later.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Blood Pressure is up a little bit (80/40), and they are going to give him some blood this morning as well. He was pretty agitated last night, but they gave him some Ativan and he then was able to sleep a little (in between the the pricks, prods, blood pressure readings). He still resides in his floor room and they are going to continue to watch him there for the time being.

Dad started the morning off with a phone call to his dear friend Greg. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Prayers Needed - Raise the Blood Pressure

Dad's blood pressure has dropped very low tonight. (70 something over 40 something) They are trying to raise it with medication and fluids, but so far it doesn't seem to be working. If they are unable to raise it, he will be moved back to IMU. He's been doing so well, so we hope that this can be remedied on the floor, but if not just pray that the IMU team will take very good care of him.

Suzanne is headed to Houston now to be with them.

Post Op

Surgery went fine. Dr. Duke says that they now believe the fever/infection was not from the Central Line but rather a respiratory infection. I thought this sounded a little worse, but apparently really this is the better of the two. Respiratory infections are easier to treat, and dad has started new antibiotics. All's well.

He's out

Out of surgery but no report yet...


Sunday, May 3, 2009


Dad's had a good weekend. Yesterday he talked to Dr. Duke briefly and asked if he would go back to surgery on Monday. Of course Dr. Duke said yes. Dad asked if he was going to have lots more surgeries and Dr. Duke just replied "You continue to put up with me, and I'll continue to put up with you." Dad said, "Sounds good."

Dad has a bit of fever today, so they are going to try remove (and I'm guessing re-do) his central line. Dr. Duke came in and discussed it a little bit, and mom tried to ask "so you think this infection is from the central line?" Dr. Duke gave a very Duke-like response, "We don't know... You Can't Rush Ol' Red." So true. After Dr. Duke left dad specifically asked mom about his TPN, because he doesn't want them to take that away. He said, "They're going to hook my TPN back up, right? Because I'm really hungry".

Yesterday dad really wanted to do some physical therapy, but the therapists usually don't make it around on the weekends. When he'd see any girl walk down the hallway, he'd want us to call her in and he'd ask her if she could do therapy. Unfortunately none of those girls were therapists. He commented, "How am I going to learn how to walk if they don't come do therapy with me?" So true... he really wants to learn how to walk again. Today he got his wish and Physical and Occupational Therapists came by. He was very pleased about this. Physical Therapy was very tough. It wears him out, it makes him feel dizzy and sick, but he keeps at it. When they were done he was wiped out, yet before they could leave he asked, "You're going to be back tomorrow, right?" I probably would have just wanted a day to of rest, but he definitely has no desire to miss any therapy.

Therapy really wore him out, he was quite tired the rest of the day, and actually slept off and on. Tomorrow will be another surgery day. Continue praying that things may keep going well!

**** On an unrelated note-- As many of you know, dad's room is really cramped. There's not enough wall hangers for his canisters so they must be balanced in the bedside drawer (and they've already spilled), there's not room for the neuro-chair, so he doesn't get to sit in that anymore, there is not room to do any therapy that requires leaving the bedside. Plain and simple there's not room for much of anything. Not that we're asking for some large suite, but we want him to have every possible opportunity to do his therapy and have all of the medical equipment he needs. They are trying to get dad into a larger room, but there are few of those and right now none are available, however when one becomes available he's first on the list to be transferred. If you have a few extra prayers, send them out for whoever is in those larger rooms. As soon as one of them is discharged dad can make his move.