Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another good day
Today Louie reunited with a very dear friend-----the remote control.  He sleeps a lot but like most men happily flips the stations during his awake moments.  This is somenthing we women will never understand but I have to say, today I love it, because it looks so NORMAL.
    Yesterday he said he felt like an old dog--that had been run over. Today he expressed feelings akin to a butchered chicken.  These men with country roots certainly have colorful ways to express themselves!  The main thing is the pain is tolerable, his sense of humor is in place, and the doctors are happy.
With thanks to God, so are we................
Blessings to all of you,   Ruthie

Friday, June 10, 2011

The good news continues. He had a great night. We knew he would be weaned from the vent today, but were very surprised that he was already off this morning. He's groggy and sleeping most of the time, but he has opened his eyes and talked a little bit. To answer most questions he just nods, but it's easy to tell that he's coherent. It's so nice to have him already awake today. He squeezed my hand when I asked, and wow he's stronger than I remember! Mom is back visiting with him now. Unlike in the first go round, he does remember that he's married to her. :) Life is good!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


"Behold, behold the mighty one has done great things for me."

Surgery is complete, healing has begun!!! I have cried this evening; tears of pure thankful JOY! To each of you who prayed, lifting Louie up - please know how powerful your prayers are. I feel as if ALL of you were here in this waiting room with us. Your love and devotion to Louie is unmeasurable.
We will continue to ask God to protect him from infection or leaking intestine, but this leg of the relay race is moving closer to the finish line.

Friends, family, and even strangers - You are our companions on the journey and with all our hearts we thank you!
The book of Mark says if you ask for anything in faith, and truly believe, you will receive it.

We believe with all our hearts... We believe.

God's blessings,
Ruthie, Tracy, Bonnie, and Suzanne
Dr. Saggi has been to meet with us and his words things are going "better than best case scenario". Plastics are not finished but should be shortly. He will then be moved to transplant ICU. We are waiting patiently in the same waiting room where we waited on January 28,2009. Today's updates have all been great news. We've heard that things are wrapping up and he should be out of surgery soon.
We hear that the doctors will be able to use a flap from the left leg to cover the abdomen. This is preferable to using skin from a donor (which was a possibility). They have not yet done the flaps, but they've reported that he is doing well and the surgery should last another 4-5 hours (if this is the case it will be much shorter than the original estimate). Thanks so much for your prayers. God continues to hold Louie in his hands.
The latest report says that Dr. Saggi has finished his part. Ten additional centimeters were removed however he must have had more small intestine than they originally thought. He still has ~75 centimeters remaining. This is 15cm more that we even thought he had. Now plastic surgeons are beginning their part with Dr. Saggi assisting.
We thank you for your continued prayers!
Update: going well, Dr. Saggi is still working on the reconnection and plastics has not started yet. Dad is tolerating it well but they said it will be very long. Things started late this morning and we just learned they actually didn't start the operation until 10:37.

In surgery

Things got started a bit late this morning, but they took him back a little while ago. I will post updates that we get during the day. Please keep him and the surgeons in prayer. We know he is in the best of hands. - Tracy

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Healing By: Marilyn Goerig

In the beginning we feared the worst
As Louie fought for his life;
We prayed and begged God for healing
If he could only survive.

Many months of struggles
To manage all of the problems;
It seemed like every step was uphill
On a steep and rocky mountain.

Louie did survive the trauma,
God answered many prayers;
We began to rejoice in the thought
All this was leading somewhere.

This time as we pray for healing
Please give his doctors the skills;
To bring Louie all the way back
From his disabling ills.

Return him to health and wellness
In life as he knew it before;
Put him on the path to recovery
And open every door.