Monday, February 1, 2010

KC Family of the Year

This weekend we were awarded K.C. Family of the Year.   The entire evening was quite amazing.  Bonnie, Suzanne, and I had been given some insight that this award was coming.  We came to El Campo to secretly be there when Mom and Dad's names were called.   The honor came as a complete surprise to them, but apparently Dad had another surprise of his own.  Upon receiving the award he motioned for a song to be played (something he'd arranged earlier in the evening).   The music started (That's the Way Love Goes - "their song" from when they were dating) and he asked mom to dance.   Who knew he was such a romantic?  :)  Being able to dance again is something that they talked about in the hospital (dating back as early as the ICU days).  They always said they would dance again, even when Dad was not yet able to even walk.  Saturday night was so sweet.  They danced, and they danced very well.   The K.C. officers and their wives circled around them as if it were the first dance of their wedding.  There weren't many dry eyes in the hall.