Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prayers for Today's Hurdle

There's been a bump in the road. Today dad began running fever, and after some lab work at El Campo Memorial Hospital, they have decided to admit him to ICU there. His blood pressure is low, so in ICU they will be able to monitor that as well as administer antibiotics for whatever type of infection he has. It is not believed to be a central line infection, thank goodness, but prayers are much appreciated!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out and About

It counts as "Out", but not too far from home.  Dad loves to get out, but at this point is only ready to go as far as those new tennis shoes and walker can take him.  No complaining though, the breaths of fresh air and changes in scenery are very much appreciated!  The neighbors and passersby have become accustomed to seeing him in what he refers to as his "dress".  One of these days he will wear real clothes again, but in the meantime if he prefers his gown, then so be it.  Thankfully he has a manly walker and it is phenomenal.  It works great on the street (and even in the grass) and it has a basket that can hold his TPN bag and pump.

It's been almost a week since mom and dad's return to El Campo and overall things have gone well.  There was lots to learn in the first few days, especially for mom, but she's done it.  She can now add vitamins to TPN, hang daily bags and fix stoma bag leaks. She's doing a great job and we've come a long way since last Thursday and Friday when things were more hectic.  I was a little scared when dad first said he needed a little help getting to the bathroom.  We all ran around like circus monkeys: unplug this, hold the pump low, hold the bag high, unhook the foley from the walker, don't let him trip on the pump's electrical cord....  You can imagine the chaos.   It took 4 of us to make it to the bathroom the first time and I think all of us had our hands full.  I had to wonder if he'd ever be able to leave the couch without at least three amigos following. 

Thankfully we've come a long way.  A new cordless pump (that does not get air in the line) has helped out tremendously. Bonnie, Suz, and I were able to return to our own homes and dad is still able to make it to the bathroom. 

Last but certainly not least, we thank everyone for all of kindness they have shown us.  All of you who have sent cards, called, stopped by for a quick visit, and helped us with anything and everything.  Mom and Dad were so ready to return home and you guys are a constant reminder why they love their hometown so much.  I can't imagine a better support system.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!