Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super Powers

From: Ruthie

When he gets ready to walk Louie always puts on what he refers to as his "Superman Cape". (Truly its just another gown worn over the shoulders to keep from being arrested in the halllway.)  The hospital is possibly the only place where you could walk down the hall somewhat exposed, but they probably discourage it. He does have many "Superman-like" qualities (great strength, helpful, etc.)  but even he will tell you this:  "Faster than a speeding bullet?"-- Not so much!

He always been partial to camoflouge clothes. Tracy found these great houseshoes at Academy to perk up his wardrobe. A matching gown would really complete the outfit, but so far no luck.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update from Ruthie

Everything is going well. Dr. Duke took out one of the central lines, leaving the one line for TPN. He has an IV in his arm for fluids etc.and to administer medication. We continue to walk three times every day building Louie's endurance and stamina.We are definitely looking forward to going home, but getting released seems to be a slow process.  We are very thankful Dr. Jud Severson has agreed to be Louie's doctor in El Campo, and we are grateful for his expertise. Dr. Duke will be in touch with him.