Saturday, January 30, 2010

Appointment with Duke

The appointment with Dr. Duke went well. It was good to see him --he is as feisty as ever!! He looked at the fistula area and felt it was looking better and going in the right direction. It is not ready yet for the surgery that will allow Louie to eat. We were however, encouraged by words like "when it happens" and not "if". Dr. Duke gave signs to look for so we may better assess when he will be closer to surgery. Meanwhile we ask you to continue to pray for Louie's return to complete health. I read recently that God has three answers for prayer:

1) Yes

2) Not yet

3) I have another plan for you

We have been so blessed thus far as God continues to hold Louie in His hands. We will move forward one day at a time. We BELIEVE.

Love to all ,


Thursday, January 28, 2010


Many changes have occurred since January 28, 2009. After 94 surgeries, kidney failure, 268 units of blood, a failing liver, cardiac arrests, infections, maggots, 3 months in ICU, and 9 months in Hermann Hospital we’ve learned a few things that will forever be a part of us.

1. We now know that the goodness and generosity of people knows no race, religion, or economic background.

2. We are confident that in a crisis each of our daughters can individually bring their own strengths to a situation, and collectively we can weather a storm.

3. We are blessed with friends and family who never cease to lessen the load.

4. The power of prayer knows no limits. Prayer can be a thought, a personal conversation, or a memorized request; it doesn’t matter God listens.

5. The human body is amazingly resilient but the human spirit knows no bounds. Louie’s drive to complete therapy, despite setbacks and surgeries, was inspiring.

6. Be it the house you live, the church you attend, your workplace, or your neighborhood; there’s no place like home.

Love to all, Ruthie

It’s been a year and I am grateful for the new people I’ve met, old friends, and people I don’t even know who prayed for me and were so generous. I go back to see Dr. Duke on Friday and I’d like people to continue to ask God for a positive outlook for future surgeries . -Louie