Wednesday, May 18, 2011


By: Marilyn Goerig

Bonnie’s wedding day is done;
It’s now a lifetime memory.
From the dress, to the flowers, to the “I do’s”;
With hundreds of friends and family.
The wedding date was moved;
So Louie could do his part.
Moving the wedding for Bonnie was easy;
It was only a matter of the heart.

Louie wore a tuxedo;
He was quite a handsome sight.
He walked Bonnie down the aisle;
In church, there was not a dry eye.

Louie needs our prayers again;
He is hoping for a brand new start.
With a little Faith, it will be easy;
It is only a matter of the heart.

We are still waiting on the surgery.  Last week it was decided that a third surgeon would be be included in what is expected to be a quite lengthy procedure (15-18 hrs).  The good news the surgeons are wonderful and a game plan is definitely in place.  The bad news is: due to the coordination of their schedules it definitely will not be this week or next week.  There will be another meeting this week, and hopefully THEN we will finally have a date.  Until then we're just waiting...