Saturday, May 16, 2009


By Marilyn Goerig

Isolation what a pain,
Now I think I'll go insane.
Scrub and gown, gloves and mask,
Add another tiresome task.
Another roller coaster ride,
Ruthie's sure to run and hide.
Of course, if this is what it takes,
She's on board for Louie's sake.
Is this still Patience 101?
When will this class ever be done?
God, once again may all be blessed,
To overcome this latest test.

In and Out of Surgery and Now in Isolation

Surgery went well, and Dr. Duke claims that he may start grafting next week. A respiratory infection has caused dad to be put in isolation. He's still in his room and can still have visitors (just no children) ,and similar to STICU protocol everyone must gown and glove (and mask too). Dad says he feels pretty good today. In therapy this morning he walked all of the way to the corner window and back. (Dad claims that he wasted no time and practically ran.)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Surgery Delayed

It looks like dad will not go to surgery until late this afternoon or possibly this evening.

Falling Behind on the Blogs

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Out of Surgery

I just realized that I didn't post an "Out of Surgery" update. Sorry guys!

Dad came out of surgery around lunch time. All went well. Dr. Duke is now out of town until Friday, so Dr. Ware will do the next couple of wash outs. Dad had a little fever this afternoon, but other than that he's doing fine.


Dad had a good night (sleeping consecutive hours) and was called for surgery early this morning. I'm so glad mom was able to get some sleep last night as well.

Today dad's surgery count has caught up with his age in years. The night of the accident Dr. Duke told us he'd need more surgeries, I clearly had no idea just how many "more" was. Dr. Duke might not have had a clear idea either - and if he did know he'd never divulge that information to us. I know I thought to myself, "Hmm... five maybe ten?" Ten sounded like a lot of surgeries.

Thankfully things have steadily improved and even though it is a long journey, dad's come such a long way since that first meeting with Dr. Duke. God has done an amazing thing!