Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Christmas Message

As we approach the Christmas season we find ourselves full of gratitude for the many gifts we have received. Christmas, we have found, is not just a blessed season but a way of life - loving gifts given freely through out the year.

If you gave the gift of blood Louie and many like him, survived because of you.

If you gave the gift of medical care we are so grateful for your expertise and personal attention.

If you gave the gift of friendship, you reduced our stress and made us smile.

If you helped in any way with fundraising, we were overwhelmed by your generosity.

If gave labors of love by taking care of our home, yard, and pets; you eliminated this worry from our every day lives.

And most of all if you prayed Louie is spending this Christmas at home because of you.

We thank you so much. Our lives have been changed in ways we never imagined by people we will never forget.

Love to All, Louie, Ruthie, and Family