Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stand Up and Go Your Faith Has Saved You

I can't think of a more fitting verse to describe Louie's "going home" day. Truly from the very first night with each of you praying earnestly for his life to be spared, God listened. These many voices brought Dr. Duke into the emergency room to give the highest level of skill possible. At every turn, your loving prayers allowed him to get better and better. Your part in this recovery process is of utmost importance.

I am going to revise this verse just a bit to include what has really mattered from January 28th until the present.

Stand up and go: your faith and the faith of hundreds of family, friends and strangers has saved you.

When I see him stand up from that wheelchair and step into the car to go home, I will be thinking of each of you. We can never, never thank you enough.

Love to all, Ruthie



Saying Goodbye

Notice Dr. Duke is sporting his Shoppa's Farm Supply Hat!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Could it be?

It looks like mom and dad might be headed home within the next week!

Poem by Marilyn Goerig

Louie’s strength is improving,
And his fever is gone.
Home equipment has been ordered,
And clothes shopping has been done.

With less tubes and equipment,
Less supplies will be needed.
So it seems packing for home
Can proceed unimpeded.

“Back up the truck”
may be just an expression.
But in Ruthie’s case
It’s a necessitation.

If you’ve seen Ruthie’s garden,
In the big corner window,
You can imagine the move home,
Will require a trailer in tow.

Whatever it takes, she says,
We must take them all.
Ordinary transportation for us,
And for the plants, a U-HAUL.