Saturday, June 4, 2011

To our Companions on the Journey:

Once again I find myself reaching out to each of you! Louie will definitely be having the surgery to reconnect his intestines and remove the fistulas that are outside his body. Plastic surgeons will then cover all of this with blood supply and skin to protect the abdominal area.We will go in to Hermann Memorial on the June 8th with surgery performed on the morning ofJune 9th They predict it will be long--15 -18 hours. He is really frightened of this and tears up often about it. His fears seem to come from the length of the surgery, the deep areas that they will take off his legs to cover the abdomen and maybe the possibility of dying. Truthfully I cry with him at times as we anticipate an opportunity to possibly to live more normally, or things not working out and infection and more fistulas developing. Dr. Saggi and the 2 other surgeons feel he is mentally and physically ready but fear is still real. Talking to Tracy, we have organized a "reaching out" for friends and family to send him notes of support BEFORE the surgery. These can be mailed to our home (2105 Kirby Dr.) emailed to or just dropped off at the library or our house. Recently, Father Gary had a most poignant sermon about a marathon in which he participated . Overwhelmed by the fatigue he felt he could go no farther on his 'cement' legs, The people lining the course who cheered him were critical . When he felt absolutely exhausted in the last of the 26 miles, he came upon parishioners shouting words of encouragement and promising to "see him at the finish line". He went on to finish the race. What a great parallel this story is for the difficult times in life. A kind word or spoken prayer can go a long way. If you could find a moment to write Louie a note of support it would mean so much. Also a prayer service will be held on Monday June 6th at 6:30 pm. He will be annointed again at this time. There is such power in" two or more gathered in His name". I long for that kind of intercession for Louie. Marilyn Goerig is also organizing volunteers to cover him with prayer constantly during the surgery. Finally, I want to thank all of you!!! You have been a tremendous source of love and encouragement in our 2 1/2 year marathon.We are so grateful to have you run what we hope will be this last leg of the race with us and ultimately we pray to rejoice with each of you "at the finish line."

Love to you all,