Friday, September 18, 2009

ENT Report

Louie visited the audiologist last week and she tested his hearing. She was very concerned about the large amount of wax that can build up in a person's ears when they have been laying flat for over 7 months.
Although she was able to test him, she recommended he see an ENT for evaluation, She found medium to profound hearing loss in both ears especially to high pitched sounds. She wants to retest him after his ENT appointment. The next day we again travelled to the basement. This time for a visit to the ENT. This doctor found extreme impacted wax, fluid behind the wax in both ears and a punctured ear drum in his right ear. All of this would definitely make him feel that he couldn't hear much of anything. The ENT worked on him for quite some time and then recommended antibiotic drops and mineral oil. The main outcome of all of this is that HE CAN HEAR SO MUCH BETTER!!
For the first time he hears the Life flight helicopters coming in. We also have our TV at a MUCH more normal level so not everyone on the floor is enjoying (or not) the same program he is watching. Regularly there is a shoot out (John Wayne) or battlefield sounds (any war movie) coming from our corner.

Dr. Duke , in one of his funny and helpful moments reminded Louie how very useful that selective hearing is and how he should definitely hang on to some of it. GEEZ !!!!
Louie of course loved that but I was thinking "don't you have something else you need to be doing??? --- you, know medical emergency , saving someone else's life etc. etc. All of a sudden he comes up with all these words of wisdom!! I reminded him that he might not be such a good influence on my husband. Do you think that bothered him????---not at all.

On the other hand, Louie is working hard and moving toward home--keep praying. Dr. Duke says we are on the "home stretch".

Love to all,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sunday , for the first time since January, Louie and I attended church together. We don't always have a Catholic Mass here at Hermann, so I usually walk down to the Methodist Hospital for their Mass.

This week however, (when we had just learned to be self sufficient with the wheelchair) Mass was said in Hermann Pavilion on the Ground Floor. We made it to our destination successfully and I didn't loose him on any of the ramps. It was wonderful to be there with him--we have so much for which to be thankful!!
I teased Louie about getting him all cleaned up and shaved so God would recognize him since he had not been to church in so long. Somehow, though, I think God would find him familiar---He has been holding Louie in His hands all along.

Love to all,