Saturday, February 5, 2011


Dad will go back to see Dr. Duke on Monday, and we are asking for additional prayers.  Unfortunately the central line did end up in his neck last week; so he's trying to get used to that. 

The following was written by Marilyn Goerig for my mom and dad. 


I’ve never been a patient person;

My husband would be first to agree.
But over the years I’ve improved;
When I let go, let God, not me.
Louie, on the other hand,
Is the most patient person I know.
Even before this terrible event,
He seemed to go with the flow.

The last two years have been traumatic;
A hardship to say the least.
The pain, the weakness, the bandages;
And missing each family feast.

He has been an inspiration,
Strengthening everyone’s Faith.
The Bible tells us be patient;
For all good things we wait.

We’ve been less persistent in our prayers;
As we beg for Louie’s recovery.
It’s time for a renewed fervor;
With each petition and plea.

In a renewed cry for healing,
We’ll join together as before;
To lift our hearts and voices,
And storm heaven’s gates once more.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Test of Patience - Waiting

As usual things don't follow our plan, and again we are waiting (trying to be patient).  Friday marked two years, but Friday evening Dad developed a fever (reaching 103), and he wound up back in the hospital.  It's been determined that he has a line infection, but we are also "patiently waiting" to see what else the culture might grow.  His appointment with Dr. Duke will have to be rescheduled for a later date while the issue at hand is taken care of.  We know that Tuesday he will have to get a new line.  With Dr. Duke's appointment postponed, we have a new prayer request.  These lines have proven to be very difficult to insert.  It seems that he has run out of veins to use.  We pray that they are able to find a vein on his upper shoulder to insert the line; so he can be as comfortable as possible.  He once had to have one of these lines in his neck and it was terrible!