Friday, October 29, 2010

Comings and Goings

To say nothing has been going on is not exactly true.  Up until a week ago, there really was not much going on.  With us - no news is good news!  Dad managed to stay pretty healthy and he'd been able to get out of the house quite a bit driving around and visiting some friends. 

Last weekend he was admitted to the hospital in El Campo with pancreatitis.  Hospital stays aren't exactly fun, but the stay in EC wasn't bad at all.  It was practically like being at home.  To say Mom and Dad were "happy" to not be sent back to Houston is a huge understatement.  We've had two hospital stays in Houston this year (one in March and one in August), and each short stay stretched on much longer than ever anticipated.  It really is impossible to get discharged from that place!  This time (in El Campo) Dad stayed for a few days then was released (just in time to watch Game 1 of the World Series).  The Ranger's poor performance was quite possibily more disappointing than the hospital stay itself.

As of today they are back at ECMH with a line infection.  Antibiotics were started, the line was removed and a temporary one was inserted.  Monday or Tuesday they will surgically insert another.  It looks like he will be there for at least the next few days. 

Luckily because things had been going so well, Mom and Dad both were able to make it to College Station for Cayla's birthday a few weeks ago.

 Last year Dad really wanted to make it to Cayla's birthday party, but he wasn't discharged yet.  Last year at
that time we were on the count down.  However, one year ago today, he was loaded up and taken home.  

Blast from the past - 10/29/09

Sometimes it seems like ages ago, sometimes it seems like not so long at all, but it's amazing how far he's come.  We have so very much to be thankful for!