Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Appointment 2/7/11

Yesterday Dad returned to see Dr. Duke. The wait was long (Duke's a busy man), but thankfully he was ready to discuss the questions mom had compiled. Questions about the dreaded central line in his neck,  line infections and difficulty inserting new lines, alternative bandages, and most importantly - WHAT'S NEXT?  
Duke is concerned that there is not enough small intestine left (with removal of the fistulas), because so much was removed in the first few weeks following the accident.  We do know however that the amount of large bowel remaining is adequate.  Therefore Dr. Duke is referring Dad to a fellow surgeon, Dr. Bob Saggi. He's already spoken to this surgeon, and he will make an appointment for Dad to see him. Dr. Saggi will then determine if dad is a candidate for a small bowel transplant.

We having been looking for a door to open; to know what to do next? We pray that this is it. If he is not a candidate, then maybe there is something else for him. He desperately wants to one day be able to eat something again, and regain enough strength to hold his grandkids.